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WrapSense Project: Environmental Tests Completed

Mon, 16 August, 2021

The 6-month large-scale environmental tests for the WrapSense Project have concluded. The testing involved the installation of the WrapSenseLD technology in a representative steel pipe, which was exposed to 6 months of winter weather. This was in order to validate sensor performance under environmental loading and correlate slight sensor disturbances to the relevant weather information.

Ten 1-metre long sensors were installed on a 10-metre long, 300mm OD steel pipe. These sensors were connected to an Internet of Things controller unit to provide the data transmission from the sensors and report readings hourly. In addition, a wireless weather station was set up next to the WrapSenseLD to assess weather conditions and any environmental damage to the sensor readings.

No false alarms were registered during the test and the system remained stable throughout. In addition the 3-month weather testing was also completed successfully, demonstrating correlations with temperature and humidity.

The next steps for the project are to assess the 6-month performance, including an assessment of the performance of the system in May 2021, which was the wettest May on record in the UK.

About WrapSense

WrapSense is a collaborative InnovateUK project between TWI, Direct-C, and TrackWise, to research, develop and validate novel technologies for hydrocarbon leakage detection. The technology uses a novel, highly sensitive nano-composite coating material capable of detecting even the slightest concentration of liquid hydrocarbons that come into direct contact with it. The sensor functions by continuously monitoring the electrical resistance of the nano-composite, and reporting significant changes in this resistance.

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The Wrapsense Project is funded under InnovateUK Project Number 105611

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