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Philip Wallace speaks on NDT at TWI

Philip Wallace is the Business Group Manager of TWI’s non-destructive testing (NDT) technical group. One of the largest teams at TWI, the NDT group comprises over 100 people (including students) of whom 60% hold a higher degree, such as a Masters or PhD. Being able to call on this level of expertise and knowledge helps Philip’s team to support other technology departments as well as TWI Industrial Member companies to address challenges on critical structures and materials from across industry. This creates a changeable working environment where a new challenge can arrive each day.

TWI’s Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Technical Business Group Manager, Phillip Wallace (Video)

Originally employed in manufacturing, Philip found himself being called upon to assess and improve processes. This introduced him to the science of NDT where he became fascinated by the variety of challenges within the field. Having recognised that there was a shortage of experts in this area, Philip felt it provided a good career opportunity.

Philip joined TWI in June 2004 as a Principal Project Leader within the NDT group, based at TWI’s premises in Port Talbot, South Wales. With 16 years of industrial manufacturing experience, Philip had already become an expert in NDT of titanium components. Whilst also gaining technical and management experience, which has helped develop his career within TWI and grow the NDT team. With four sections operating under the umbrella of the NDT Technical Group, Philip has a wide remit of responsibility, including health, safety, quality and environment, recruitment, staff development, technology development, capital investment, finance, and customer service and reputation.


While he coordinates the strategy for the NDT team, Philip’s passion lies with working with young technologists and helping to turn them into true globally respected engineers. By guiding careers of the next generation of experts and building their individual reputations, Philip believes that he is also enhancing the reputation of TWI itself.


About NDT at TWI

NDT exists in every industrial sector and deals with how things are made, joined and why they fail.

Philip noted that NDT is not particularly well known or publicised which, in turn, has led to a shortage of NDT engineers. However, TWI has the largest and most experienced NDT development team in the world, having been at the forefront of advanced and conventional NDT technologies for over 40 years.

This expertise has been driven by the need of industry to accurately locate and characterise flaws for every type of structure and component, from pipelines and rail tracks to ship hulls, wind turbines and printed circuit boards.

Able to provide NDT services in-house or at a client’s facility, you can find out more about TWI’s testing non-destructive services here.