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Managing Production Welding Documentation with Welding Coordinator

TWI’s Welding Coordinator software is designed to help you control production welding activities and keep track of all the documentation associate with welding and testing.

The key document is a table of welds and is variously called a weld data sheet (or weld history, weld map, weld traveller, etc.). Welding Coordinator includes a layout editor, so you can create multiple layouts with different columns for different project or quality requirements. Typically, the sort of information that you record are material types and dimensions, processes and WPSs, welder and filler material details, heat treatment and NDT with results and dates.

Welding Coordinator offers the following functions:

  • Instant progress and performance reporting
  • Integration with Welding Qualifier for automatic selection of qualified welders and suitable WPSs and automatic update of welders’ continuity
  • Graphical representation of welds on drawing
  • A quality-plan function for automatic assignment of NDE and heat treatment
  • Filler material control and selection
  • Automatic generation of NDT requests
  • Electronic signature functions for weld data sheets and projects
  • Automatic generation of project completion reports
  • Full traceability of all welding and testing information

Once the project is complete Welding Coordinator will generate a completion report with all welding procedures, welder qualifications, NDT reports and any other attachments.

You can see more by viewing a video demonstration (click here) or learn more at the dedicated Welding Coordinator webpage (click here).

Avatar Andy Brightmore Software Business Development Manager

Andy joined TWI’s Arc Welding department in 1985 and was responsible for the original development of the following TWI software: Weldvol/Weldcost, Weldspec and Welderqual. He was manager of the Software Development Group at TWI for 10 years, during which the group continued to grow and develop/market the Crackwise software for structural integrity assessment, as well as three multimedia training systems in welding, metallurgy and NDT.

Now responsible for business development of TWI’s welding software products, Andy has specific responsibility for:

  • Welding code expertise (ASME IX, EN 15614/287/9606, AWS D1.1 etc) which is included in all of the welding software. This includes new developments and periodic code updates.
  • Assessment of user requirements for off-the-shelf and custom systems. This has included a number of large custom developments for power utilities.
  • Training of users. Andy has carried out many training courses on the welding software worldwide.
  • Specification of new software.
  • Sales and marketing.