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Fitness-for-Service Assessment with CrackWISE®

Safe operation of plant and equipment is vital, not only to protect you employees, but also to reduce the potential for costly outages and other unforeseen problems such as repairs.

TWI’s CrackWISE® fitness-for-service (FFS) software has been designed to assist in evaluating the integrity of pipelines, pressure equipment and metallic structures containing flaws in accordance with the BS 7910 procedure.

BS 7910 is an industrially-accepted flaw assessment procedure. CrackWISE® automates the fracture and fatigue clauses in BS 7910, and provides a fully compatible and traceable record of flaw tolerance calculations.

The BS 7910 analytical solutions implemented in CrackWISE® have undergone rigorous validation using data from large and full-scale tests. CrackWISE® users are also provided with a PDF of the current version of BS 7910.

Incorporating the latest advances and developments in defect assessment procedures, this application offers a user-friendly interface, making it easy for both new and existing users.

You can find out more about CrackWISE® here.