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Automated Ultrasonic Inspection with TWI Crystal

TWI’s CrystalTM software makes ultrasonic inspection of industrial structures using Full-Matrix Capture (FMC), Virtual Source Aperture (VSA) and Plane Wave Imaging (PWI) easy.

The fully automated software delivers an intuitive interface for ultrasonic inspection techniques with high defect detection and sizing accuracy capabilities and real time inspection via planar or complex geometry structures.

These capabilities mean that Crystal can be integrated into in-service and production environments within industries including nuclear, defence, oil and gas, aerospace and rail.

Developments in computer hardware mean that real time implementation of total focusing method (TFM)-based algorithms such as full matrix capture, plane wave imaging and virtual source aperture are now possible. Each of these algorithms post processes the ultrasonic data to synthesise a PA focus spot at every pixel in an image, giving a fully focussed and easy-to-interpret image.

A range of inspection calibration settings and the ability to save and analyse data following inspection alongside a range of analysis and reporting tools makes the whole inspection and reporting task easier to complete.

You can find out more about TWI CrystalTM here.