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Demonstrating Expertise in Automotive Battery Welding


TWI has decades of experience with working with the automotive industry on a variety of different challenges and developments.

As world leaders in joining technologies, mechanical engineering, prototype manufacture, project management and pushing R&D concepts through to TRL 7 and beyond as required, TWI has become trusted by industry.

Through client interaction and an understanding of their aims and challenges, TWI helps develop tailored solutions based upon our world-renowned scientific and engineering expertise.

Coupled with our record for client confidentiality and a reputation built on trust, honesty and integrity, it is understandable that TWI has been sought out to assist with the next generation of automotive solutions.

With the advance of electrification, TWI has been working on battery welding solutions, working with some of the biggest names in the automotive industry.

Video: Matt Robson and Kerry Peddar speak on the challenges and TWI's expertise in battery welding for the automotive industry


As with any new technology, battery welding brings its own unique set of problems and challenges to overcome. Primarily among these challenges were those related to health and safety, with particular regard to the containment, control and management of thermal events.

This challenge required a reactive approach, as demanded by the automotive market, alongside knowledge sharing and training with the emergency services. With a tailored project management approach, which encompassed frequent scope deviation, TWI undertook direct laser hit trials and chemical analysis based around the exposure of thermal events.

With a fast-paced approach to the challenges of battery welding, TWI needed to demonstrate an ability to think on its feet while maintaining a professional client relationship.

This flexible approach included frequent communication in order to inform our clients of progress as they aimed to complete the project as quickly as possible. This requirement for a speedy delivery is in line with the automotive industry’s desire to remain competitive by delivering new vehicles to market in as short a timeframe as possible.

In addition, TWI had to overcome design and manufacturing challenges related to existing design limitations associated with already constrained component parts, which required bespoke handling and alignment tooling. Once this tooling had been tested and proven to work it was further developed for prototype production purposes.


Addressing the challenges of automotive battery welding reiterated the importance of stringent health and safety, as well as risk awareness related to the electrification of vehicles.

TWI’s knowledge and understanding of the fragility of component parts allowed us to mitigate against known risks, including the required containment and associated risks of thermal events.

Aside from the health and safety aspects, TWI also developed knowledge related to the storage of battery cells and optimised the process of battery welding using a structured knowledge transfer in order to allow the client to deliver the technology to market with confidence.

The project management of the work also needed to remain flexible to meet client demands while ensuring the full traceability and auditing of the project delivery.

In addition to the more technical and project related aspects of the work, TWI also needed to address more mundane matters, such as manual handling for the heavy battery packs that were produced.


Looking Forward

Looking forward, TWI has developed a wealth of knowledge that gives us a head start with battery welding technologies and processes. This was delivered through the investigative and considered R&D, including testing a variety of joining options and an understanding of any associated risks and process limitations.

While there is still more work to be done to prepare battery welds for final use by the automotive industry, TWI’s ground-breaking work has seen the related knowledge and expertise advance significantly.

As the automotive manufacturers continue to push the delivery of widespread vehicle electrification in as short a time-frame as possible, TWI has shown that it is in the perfect position to provide the relevant joining and project expertise for industry.