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Rotary and Linear Friction Welding Systems

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278121Thompson Friction Welding Systems

Thompson direct drive rotary friction welding machines come in sizes from 15 ton to 400 tonne forge capacity with accuracies unsurpassed in the industry. The sliding head layout and hidden tie bars offer greater flexibility in loading and maintenance and the ability to weld components of unlimited length.

Other options include:

  • Single or double headed format
  • In line monitoring and marking
  • Fully integrated automation
  • Flash removal

Thompson linear friction welding machines are available in sizes from 10 to 100 tonnes capable of welding up to 10,000 mm2. The open and cubic layouts offer flexibility and accuracy in the component welds. With a weld time of typically less than 5 seconds, they can revolutionise production cycle times.

Thompson Friction Welding Systems 1

Thompson Friction Welding Systems 2

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