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TWI Services to the Nuclear Sector of the Power Industry

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Nuclear Plant Operational Support

TWI has long provided services to support the development of safe and reliable use of nuclear power in the UK and overseas. TWI has played a leading role in the development of verification of welding procedures used during reactor construction. In more recent years, work has also focused on the issues of materials ageing and life extension of older plants. Inspection services are also available and structural integrity can be determined by modelling, metallurgy or experimental programmes.

With the advent of nuclear renaissance TWI is now heavily engaged in supporting supply chain in development of advanced joining technologies and in training and skills development to meet the needs of the various new build programmes.

As an independent research and technology organisation, TWI undertakes safety and reliability projects across the nuclear sector. Its clients include nuclear facility designers and utilities, fuel manufacturers and reprocessors, waste and clean-up agencies and regulatory authorities. TWI's technical expertise is highly regarded and its advice impartial.

More information on repair capabilities and track record for nuclear applications.

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