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Power - Fossil - Hydropower: Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Plants

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There has been a marked increase in the number of CCGT plant in recent years due to their relatively low capital cost and efficiency advantages over conventional plant.

CCGT plants make wide use of advanced materials such as Creep Strength Enhanced Ferritic Steels in an effort to improve performance and reduce the costs of the steam raising plant (HRSGs). However, these plants are also increasingly being cyclically operated. While long-term effect of these combined factors is not fully understood it is recognised that managing both new build and repair pose considerable technical challenges for developers and operators alike.

TWI provides a unique single point access to world-class structural integrity, materials, inspection, repair, and fabrication expertise.

TWI's expertise in the development of repair welding procedures, along with work carried out to investigate the characteristics of materials such as 9-13Cr steels makes a positive contribution to the reduction of repair costs. Developments in protective coatings and NDT technologies can realise savings in O&M costs across the whole CCGT plant.

The materials and process knowledge that enables TWI to deliver such savings in repair and fabrication also underpins our RISKWISE suite of Risk Based asset management software.

RISKWISE has helped operators around the world make significant savings through outage optimisation and asset investment planning.

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For more information please email: