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TWI is actively involved in the motorsport industry and a significant amount of confidential work has been done for Member companies in this field, not least for Formula 1 teams.

TWI not only helps with the technology development but, where needed, can supply components for actual use. This may be the preferred route for some Members, where the specialist nature of the development means that components are difficult or impossible to source on the open market.

The key driving forces for motorsport companies include weight saving, and therefore improved strength-to-weight ratio, damage tolerance and overall increased performance. Therefore, much of the work at TWI has involved looking at different materials, joining techniques and surface engineering developments, to help race teams gain competitive advantage.

TWI uses its extensive knowledge of materials and joining technologies knowledge and its extensive range of facilities to provide an impartial, secure and fully confidential service to the motorsport industry.

Technical support includes welding, joining and associated technologies such as brazing, soldering, surfacing, cutting and non-destructive testing (NDT), while services include contract R&D, technical information, advice and consultancy, training and qualification.

In the field of adhesives, TWI provides Member companies with facilities such as finite element analysis (FEA), mechanical and environmental testing, joint degradation and durability assessment, characterisation of adhesives, NDT and failure analysis. The services also extend to training and certification in all aspects of adhesive technology.

There is extensive use of ceramics, plastics and composite materials in motorsport components, and TWI is well placed to provide assistance ranging from materials selection, through design and testing to integrity assessment and repair. Significant development has taken place at TWI in the field of composite-to-metal joining through the innovative application of a TWI process called ComeldTM .

Other developments of particular interest to the motorsport industry include:

  • Joining of magnesium
  • Design of composites for damage tolerance
  • Plastics joining
  • Flame or plasma spraying
  • Sol-gel hardcoats
  • Friction stir welding
  • Laser welding of fabric.

TWI is a membership-driven organisation, internationally renowned for bringing together multi-disciplinary teams to implement established or advanced joining technology, or to solve problems arising at any stage - from initial design, materials selection, production and quality assurance, through to service performance and repair.

With all this experience TWI is able to offer motorsport companies a comprehensive range of services and facilities and provide significant benefits by collaborating with the industry's key players.

Please see motorsport performance for examples of how TWI helps motorsport teams to win.

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For more information please email: