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TWI Council, Boards and Committees

TWI Council

TWI is governed by a Council consisting of elected and co-opted representatives from Member companies and Professional Members. This council and its committees represent the interests of TWI stakeholders, appointing and delegating authority to the Chief Executive, Boards and Committees.

 PositionName and Company Retires 
 Chair  Scott Lockyer, Uniper Technologies Ltd  
 Vice-Chair  Nigel Knee, EDF Energy  
 Council Members  Stephen Beech, Professional Member  
   Peter Boothby, Rosen Group  
   Ruth Boumphrey, Lloyd’s Register Foundation  
   Iain Boyd, Professional Member  
   Norman Cooper, BAE Systems Marine Ltd  
   Alan Denney, Professional Member  
   Jackie Dixon, Rolls-Royce Plc  
   Jeffrey Garner, Professional Member  
   John Irven, Consultant  
   Steve Jones, NAMRC  
   Andrew MacDonald, Lloyd’s Register Foundation  
   David Mallaburn, EDF Energy Generation  
   David Millar, Professional Member  
   John O-Brien, Chevron Corporation  
   Ian Perryman, Perryman Engineering Ltd  
   Brian Robb, Rolls-Royce Plc  
   David Taylor, Professional Member  
   Chris Thornton, Professional Member  
   Simon Webster, BP Plc  
   Stephen Webster, Professional Member  

Contact: Victoria Beckett,

Remuneration Committee

The Remuneration Committee is responsible for executive remuneration, bonus payments and share-in-success payments.

Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee proposes and approves Chief Executive and Executive Director appointments.

Finance and General Purposes Committee

The Finance and General Purposes Committee supervises the powers delegated to the Executive Board and approves key decisions (financial, strategic and other matters affecting the organisation, including pay gap and diversity).

 PositionName Retires 
Chair (Chair of Council)   Scott Lockyer, Uniper Technologies Ltd  
 Committee Members  Ruth Boumphrey, Lloyd’s Register Foundation  
   Norman Cooper, BAE Systems Marine Ltd  
   John Irven, Consultant  
   Grahame Nix, Non-executive Director  
   Steve Webster, Professional Member  
   Steve Yianni, Non-executive Director  

Contact: Victoria Beckett,

Audit and Risk Committee

This committee is responsible for audit arrangements, compliance with statutory accounting and reporting requirements, internal controls and financial risk management, compliance, whistleblowing and fraud.

Position Name  Retires
 Chair  Grahame Nix, Non-executive Director  
 Committee Members  Ruth Boumphrey, Lloyd’s Register Foundation  
   Scott Lockyer, Chair of Council  
   Steve Yianni, Non-executive Director  

Health and Safety Committee

The Health and Safety Committee is responsible for all strategic matters, monitoring and advising in relation to the health and safety of the workforce and other stakeholders in the business.

Research Board

The Research Board consists of representatives from Industrial Member companies along with two co-opted Chairs of Committee. The Board approves the content, guides the progress and peer reviews reports of the Core Research Programme.

Position Name and Company  Retires
 Chair John Irven, Consultant  
 Chair, Engineering Committee Bob Ainsworth, University of Manchester  
 Chair, Materials Committee Gareth Hopkin, Office for Nuclear Regulation  
 Chair, Joining and Fabrication Committee Ernst Miklos, Linde Group  
 Board Members Abdulaziz Al-Meshari, SABIC  
  Tariq Al-Sabti, Saudi Aramco  
  Rob Backhouse, Rolls-Royce  
  Julien Banchet, Areva  
  Carl Boettcher, Rolls-Royce  
  Martin Bolander, Westinghouse Electric Sweden AB  
  Marcel Buckley, GKN Aerospace  
  Julien Chapulis, CNIM  
  Gary Coleman, The Boeing Company  
  Chris Dash, Conoco Phillips Company  
  Suleyman Deveci, Borouge PTE  
  Nabil El Barbari, GF Piping Systems  
  Fernando Fernandez, Embraer  
  Dan Graham, GKN Aerospace  
  Alain Guinot, CNIM  
  Brett Hemingway, BAE Systems  
  Bill Hewlett, Costain  
  Peter Hilton, Shell  
  Craig Hunt, Air Products  
  Jimmy Johansson, GKN Aerospace  
  Pierre Klein, Framatome  
  Shinji Koga, Kawasaki Heavy Industries  
  Zhiquiang Li, AVIC  
  Mario Macia, ExxonMobil Production Company   
  Siak Manteghi, BP Exploration Operating Co. Ltd  
  Ian Merchant, TechnipFMC  
  Kevin Millican, Shell  
  David Milliken, The Boeing Company  
  Kelly Moran, The Boeing Company  
  Roberto Moran, BP Exploration Operating Co. Ltd  
  David Panni, J C Bamford Excavators Ltd  
  Holly Phillips, RNLI  
  Cheryll Pitt, Ministry of Defence  
  Marcelo Piza Paes, Petrobras  
  Howard Price, BAE Systems  
  Javad Safari, TechnipFMC  
  Andrew Schofield, BAE Systems  
  Abdullah Shahrani, Saudi Aramco Technologies Company  
  Gina Strati, Canadian Nuclear Laboratories  
  Abderrazak Traidia, Saudi Aramco Technologies Company  
  Naoki Urai, OTC Daihen Europe  
  Jitesh Vaja, AWE  
  German Romero Valiente, Navantia SA  
  Richard Varvill, Reaction Engines Ltd  
  Darren Wilson, Smith & Nephew UK Ltd  
  William Wistance, Lloyd’s Register Group  
  Darren Wood, Framatome  
  Zhuyao Zhang, Lincoln Electric  

Contact: Victoria Beckett,

Professional Board

The Professional Board oversees all matters concerning professional membership affairs including subscriptions.

PositionName and Branch Retires 
Chair Stephen Webster, Sheffield  
Vice-Chair Steve Jones, East Midlands  
Board Members Peter Boothby, London  
  Graeme Barritte, North Scottish  
  Adam Saxty, Southern Counties  
  Vikas Bhandari, North Scottish  
  Andy Byne, London  
  Mark Cozens, Eastern Counties  
  Ian Perryman, Southern Counties  
  Steve McCullough, Northern Ireland  
  Hugh McPhillips, South West  
  David Howarth, East Midlands  
  Andrew Low, South West  
  Jade Leonard, North West  
  Ali Mirzaee Sisan, London  
  Allan John Alexander Ramsay, North Scottish  
  Michael Francis Skyrme, North West  
  Michael Warren Baverstock, Southern Counties  
  Claire Kimpton, West Midlands  
  Matthew Holtby, Teesside  
  Neil Kanagaratnum, South West   
  John Gerrard Rafferty, Scottish   
  William Moseley, East Midlands  
  Graham Holloway, London  
  Alan Caborn, East Midlands  
  Norman Baldwin, Kent  
  Will Handford, South Wales  
Ex Officio Members Chair of Management Education Registration Committee  
  Chair Of Branch Management Committee  
  Chair of Certification Management Board  
  Chair of Council  
  Chair of Research Board  
  Chair of of Tipper Group  
  Chair of Younger Members’ Committee  
  Chair of Association for Welding, Fabrication, Training and Education  

Contact: Lois Appleyard,

Awards Committee

 PositionName Retires 
Chair (co-opted) Steve Yianni, Non-executive Director  
Committee Members Chair of Council and Finance and General Purposes Committee  
  Vice Chair of Council and Finance and General Purposes Committee  
  Chair of Professional Board   
  Chair of Research Board   
  Chair of Certification Management Board   
  Chair of The Welding Institute Membership, Education & Registration Committee   
Co-opted Members Norman Cooper, Graham Nix  
Non-voting Members Director (or Associate Director) of Professional Affairs   
  Director of Research & Technology  
  Awards Administrator  

Contact: Kate Day,

Executive Board


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