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TWI Council, Boards and Committees

TWI Council

TWI is governed by a Council consisting of elected and co-opted representatives from Member companies and Professional Members. This council and its committees represent the interests of TWI stakeholders, appointing and delegating authority to the Chief Executive, Boards and Committees.

 PositionName and Company Retires 
Chair Humbert Mozzi, Co-opted  
Vice Chair John O'Brien, Co-opted  
 Council Members Daniel Clark, Professional Member  
  Gareth Hopkin, Professional Member  
  Laura Hughes, Co-opted  
  Ammer Jadoon, Industrial Member  
  Gary Jones, Industrial Member  
  Claire Kimpton, Professional Member  
  Amy Kinbrum, Industrial Member  
  Francis Laud, Industrial Member  
  Qing Liu, Industrial Member  
  Andrew Low, Professional Member  
  Kamran Mahmood, Co-opted  
  David Panni, Industrial Member  
  Ian Perryman, Professional Member  
  John Rafferty, Professional Member  
  Andrew Schofield, Industrial Member  
  Michael Skyrme, Professional Member  
  Duncan Steel, Industrial Member  
  Peter Stirling, Industrial Member  
  Peter Stones, Professional Member  
  Simon Webster, Co-opted  
  Darren Wood, Industrial Member  
  David Wrathmall, Co-opted  

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