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Manufacturing and Subcontract Support

TWI offers a range of engineering support and project management services for our Industrial Members, including manufacturing engineering support.

As manufacturing facilities and production lines seek to improve manufacturing processes and production quality, our experts can help develop and optimise your production process, deliver computer integrated solutions and, in some instances, provide small batch production runs to demonstrate capabilities.

We provide small scale specialised production and subcontract joining and inspection verification work for our Industrial Members to demonstrate improved production processes, quality control and product design.

Alongside a wide ranging and unique welding processes, our engineering services provision can also cover techniques including diffusion bonding, vacuum brazing and heat treatments.

Whether it is delivering improved tooling applications, helping you to establish lean manufacturing, or creating small scale bespoke parts, TWI can help.

TWI can also offer engineering support to Members to take concept designs through to prototype manufacture through engineering studies. These studies aim to address three basis questions during the process:

  1. Are the components manufacturable?
  2. Can you carry out processes such as welding, brazing, plating/coating, etc, to make the assembly?
  3. Can you carry out inspection to verify compliance?

The engineering study looks to answer yes to all the above questions but, if not, it may be that we have to go back to the first stage and redesign the part.

If you would like to find out more about how TWI can help improve your manufacturing processes and assist with small-scale projects to demonstrate improved techniques and cost effectiveness, we would be happy to receive emails or speak to you directly to discuss your requirements.

Please contact us, below, to discuss how we can help improve and support your manufacturing requirements.

For more information please email: