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Manufacturing and Subcontract Support

TWI offers a range of engineering support and project management services for our Industrial Members, including manufacturing engineering support.

Our independent, impartial, third party manufacturing engineering support services include manufacturing feasibilty assessments, optimisation and development of manufacturing processes, prototyping, and even small batch production runs for highly challenging, non-standard industrial manufacturing requirements.

 As manufacturing facilities and production lines seek to improve manufacturing processes and production quality, our experts can work with you to reduce costs, improve time to market, reduce rework, and ensure health and safety procedures are followed. 

As well as providing our world-leading manufacturing support services, including joining, coatings, inspection, and materials, we also provide consultancy and advice to progress your manufacturing challenges through Manufacturing Readiness Levels 1-9.

In addition, we have a range of equipment that is unique to the UK, offering bespoke and tailored solutions that are best-suited to meet your particular needs.   

TWI delivers manufacturing support through the following phases of work:

- Feasibility Enquiry: Assess, review and develop manufacturing processes, including literature reviews, to ascertain whether the manufacture is achieveable

- Engineering Consultancy: TWI can also offer engineering consultancy to Members to take concept designs to prototype manufacture through engineering studies. These studies aim to address three basic questions during the process:

  1. Are the components manufacturable?
  2. Can you carry out processes such as welding, brazing, plating/coating, etc, to make the assembly?
  3. Can you carry out inspection to verify compliance?

The engineering study requires us to answer yes to all the above questions, which may involve working with you to resolve issues and effect any redesigns as necessary. This stage is inclusive of the production of specifications and engineering drawings to enable the creation of your desired assembly.

- Manufacturing Consultancy: TWI supports our Members to create prototypes for testing and examination. During this stage, drawings and specifications will be updated to assist with the developed manufacturing processes and methods. This will be qualified by inspection techniques when required.

- Specialised Production Services: We can also offer specialised expert manufacturing services for bespoke production challenges, providing a unique selection of solutions unavailable elsewhere to meet your requirements.   

If you would like to find out more about how TWI can help improve your manufacturing processes and assist with small-scale projects to demonstrate improved techniques and cost effectiveness, we would be happy to receive emails or speak to you directly to discuss your requirements.

Please contact us, below, to discuss how we can help improve and support your manufacturing requirements.

For more information please email: