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FEA for Design - Finite Element Analysis for Design

FEA for design
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Finite element analysis (FEA) forms an important part of the design process to ensure that a manufactured product will withstand the loads to which it will be subjected in service.

Our expertise

Our expertise in design includes conventional stress analysis and design modification using topological optimisation. Topological optimisation is an iterative process which automates the preparation of a design to meet specific requirements while optimising other specified characteristics. For example, the weight of a part can be minimised by removing material from lightly loaded parts of an initial design.

Applications and benefits

These methods are used to optimise the performance of a part, for example by reducing cost or weight, while maintaining the in-service performance (deflection under loading, strength, fatigue life, etc) within required specifications.

Our track record

We have used FEA-based topological optimisation to design parts for additive manufacture/3D printing in the ManSYS EU collaborative project. This demonstrated significant weight savings in an aerospace component whilst maintaining the stresses in the material below the required level. In a separate project, conventional methods were used to optimise the design of an aerospace reaction link for manufacture using polymer-matrix composites to replace a titanium alloy.

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For more information please email: