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Welding Procedure Development

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Welding engineers at TWI support Industrial Members in developing welding procedures and preparing welding procedures specifications (WPS) or reviewing existing ones according to the major welding standards, such as ASME IX, EN ISO 15609-1, AWS D1.1, and Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) procedures.

Our welding engineers are qualified to work according to the main international welding standards. Many are involved in the standardisation committees and their skills have often proved crucial in providing clarification on the intent of clauses within welding standards.

Our expertise covers all aspects of the fabrication and service life of welded components and a wide range of applications, among which are structural welding, overlay welding, hard facing and weld repairs.

Third-party witnessing of welding procedure qualification and welder qualification (welding performance qualification), is carried out by TWI Certification Ltd, a separate company created in 1993 to separate TWI's activities in the field of certification. TWI Certification Ltd is a recognised third party for the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED).

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