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Electromagnetic Fields (EMF)

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On 1 July 2016 the EMF Directive (2013/35/EU) came into force, requiring all companies in Europe to make an assessment of workers' exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF). The Directive applies to all manufacturing activities and for many companies the assessment will be simple. However, some welding processes are known to be high emitters of EMF and will require a more detailed assessment. Assessment against the Directive can be quite complex, depending on the level of EMF, with separate action and exposure limit values for the body and limbs.


TWI can assist members with information and guidance on the EMF Directive for welding and inspection processes. We have built up detailed knowledge on the levels of EMF from different processes, the factors that affect the levels and methods of reducing exposure, and have contributed to the UK and EU Practical Guides on the Directive.

On-site measurement

We can also carry out workplace assessments, which may be required in some cases. We have worked with the UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to develop protocols for assessment (where to take measurements, number of measurements etc.) and have equipment (Narda ELT-4000) for measuring the magnetic field with a direct readout of compliance to the action levels in the Directive.


TWI has also worked with partners (EWF and CEEMET) to develop EMFWELD, a web-based software package providing the welding industry with a simple way of carrying out assessments and meeting the requirements of the Directive.

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For more information please email: