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Tribology and Coatings Engineering Laboratory (TWI North-East)

Tribology and Coatings Engineering Laboratory (TWI North East)
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The Tribology and Coatings Engineering Laboratory provides tribology, coatings formulation, deposition, cure, testing, characterisation and validation. The facility also handles materials characterisation and testing (both mechanical and chemical), accelerated weathering and surface characterisation.

Coatings and surface degradation cost the UK economy several millions of pounds a year across industries. TWI offer a personalised, expert approach to coatings and materials formulation and optimisation, coupled with state-of-the-art tribology capabilities and techniques to determine physical and chemo-mechanical properties. This is followed by high precision analytical equipment to characterise surfaces and sub-surfaces with sub-nm resolution in support of a host of industries, including the power, automotive, medical, electronics and sensors, marine and aerospace sectors.

See here for a full list of TWI equipment.

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