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Current Research Programmes

TWI undertakes research and development across a wide range of technologies and industry sectors on behalf of and alongside our Industrial Members. This is mainly carried out in three types of project:

Core Research

These projects develop and maintain underpinning new capabilities at TWI to meet the future requirements of our Industrial Members. They are funded through TWI’s Industrial Membership subscriptions.

View the Industrial Member Reports and Technical Literature Reviews produced by these projects.

Joint Industry Projects

These are funded by a group of Industrial Members with a shared interest in the outcomes of the project. Sponsors are able to guide the project and leverage their funding to gain access to a larger body of research.

Public Funded Projects

These are carried out by a consortium of organisations with the support of public funding. TWI collaborates with partners to achieve gearing of its own resources and to gain access to expertise and equipment, in order to develop new capabilities, products and services. 

For more information, please email

For more information please email: