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Industrial Engineering Consulting

Industrial engineering is found across a range of industries, where it is used to improve processes and procedures, ensuring quality while also seeking to save both time and money.

How we can help you

At TWI, we use our knowledge and experience to deliver industrial engineering consulting services to our industrial members across the industrial supply chains.

Our in-depth knowledge of materials joining and engineering technology and how they are applied across all industrial sectors allows us to tackle areas including product/process development, technology acquisition, quality and safety, manufacturing support, asset life management and failure investigation.

With expertise across all areas of industry, we can innovate solutions from a range of sectors and offer guidance to apply them in real world situations. Our experts can even visit your organisation to get a genuine ‘hands-on’ feel for the challenges you face and deliver bespoke solutions for your business.

We also have an extensive range of in-house testing facilities that we can use to investigate and validate materials, product or asset performance.

Our specialist skills and knowledge help us to analyse and evaluate processes and systems from manufacture to logistics and business administration. TWI’s expertise ranges from traditional industrial engineering through to modern applications such as A.I., automation and machine learning.

Our engineering services can take you from design right through to product development and equipment and product upgrades.

Contact us

Contact us, below to find out how we could help with your industrial engineering needs:

Engineering Projects TWI has been Involved with


Working with BAE Systems and the Ministry of Defence to produce a safety-critical hull penetrating valve

TWI collaborated with BAE Systems and the Ministry of Defence on a project to identify an alternative to high strength steel castings in the manufacture of a safety-critical hull penetrating valves.

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Working with ABS, BP, Shell, and Statoil Petroleum to investigate fatigue in mooring chains

TWI worked with Industrial Members from the offshore oil and gas sector in a joint industry project (JIP) to investigate fatigue in mooring chains.

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Working with JCB to develop new designs and manufacturing methods for lighter weight off-highway vehicles

TWI worked with JCB, backed by Tata Steel, in an Innovate UK supported initiative, to develop new designs and the associated manufacturing methods for lighter weight, next-generation off-highway vehicles.

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For more information on our industrial engineering consulting services please email: