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Where can I buy a copy of the FITNET procedure?


Frequently Asked Questions

The European FITNET (FITtness-for-purpose NETwork project:

ran from 2002 to 2006, culminating in a final report, an international conference and the production (in 2008) of a two-part procedure document:

FITNET Fitness-for-Service (FFS) - Procedure (Volume 1)

ISBN 978-3-940923-00-4, Koçak, M., Webster, S., Janosch, J.J., Ainsworth, R.A., Koers, R., printed by GKSS Research Center, Geesthacht, 2008

FITNET Fitness-for-Service (FFS) - Annex (Volume 2)

ISBN 978-3-940923-01-1, Koçak, M., Hadley, I., Szavai, S., Tkach, Y., Taylor, N., printed by GKSS Research Center, Geesthacht, 2008

This document, designated FITNET MK8, is now out of print. It was effectively an advanced draft of a document that was originally intended to become a CEN publication, but for various reasons did not ultimately make that journey.

Subsequently, and with the full co-operation of the FITNET consortium, the UK committee that develops and maintains BS 7910 agreed to incorporate many aspects of the FITNET document into a new edition of BS 7910, which was first issued in 2013 and has since been subjected to an Amendment and Corrigenda:

BS 7910 covers concepts very similar to those of FITNET; although it is notionally a British Standard, it is used internationally for many different types of structure and by a range of industries.

Further information about both FITNET and BS 7910: 

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