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Where can Barrikade be used?


Frequently Asked Questions

Among the key features of BarrikadeTM are its low density and very good thermal insulation properties - making it particularly suitable as a core for sandwich boards, interior panels and fire doors.

A wide variety of materials can be used as a 'skin' for Barrikade, choice being dependent on the final product specification. These materials include wood, metal, plastics, composites and textiles. In addition, Barrikade laminates can be produced from a fine vermiculite flour and binder system which can then be attached to a Barrikade core. Barrikade core can be easily bonded to most surfaces using the Barrikade binder or other commercially available adhesives.

Barrikade can also be used as a fire resistant, insulating coating. This makes it suitable for a number of industrial sectors including aerospace, power generation and automotive, as well as the construction industry.

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