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What is Barrikade?


Invented by TWI, BarrikadeTM is a novel, fire-resistant and thermally insulating material. It consists of vermiculite particles bonded with an alkali-silicate based binder.

The specific physical and chemical properties of BarrikadeTM make it a versatile material, allowing fabrication of shapes which have low density, are inert and non-combustible, and exhibit good thermal insulating properties.

Forms available Rigid panels, moulded shapes, coatings
Composition Exfoliated vermiculite particles bonded with a blended silicate binder. (Alternative inorganic binders can be used)
Structure Open cellular structure
Thermal conductivity 0.10-0.35 Wm-1K-1
Density 250-350 kgm-3
Temperature limit 700°C (continuous use; with a silicate based binder)
1050°C (discontinuous use)
Compression strength 0.70 MPa (for ρ = 250 kgm-3)
Flexural strength 0.25-0.60 MPa (unlaminated*)
Organic content Nil
Asbestos content Nil
Machinability Good (similar to wood)

* Laminating Barrikade (i.e. applying a skin of an appropriate material such as a metal or wood) produces a system with significantly higher strengths and extremely good toughness.

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