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What types of HVOF spraying equipment are available?


Frequently Asked Questions

All HVOF spraying equipment uses oxy-fuel combustion to heat a coating material, usually in powder form, and to accelerate the heated particles to high velocities before impacting with the substrate.

The major differences between current commercial systems are in use of gas or liquid fuels, water or air cooling, axial or radial powder injection, combustion chamber configuration, nozzle design and length. There are operational differences in combustion pressure, fuel and gas flow rates and powder feed rates. These parameters determine powder particle heating time, velocity and temperature, and ultimately the coating quality.

Commercially available equipment includes, but not limited to:

Supplier Gas Fuel Systems Liquid Fuel Systems
Praxair Model 7700GF
Model JP-5000® System.
Model JP-8000™ System.
Oerlikon Metco Diamond Jet™ Series WokaStar-610-Sz
Deloro Stellite Jet Kote® II and III  
Thermico - CJS K4.2 (kerosene + H2 fuel)
ID Coolflow
ID Coolflow Mono
Flame Spray Technologies - (ethanol) eGun system - ultra high pressure HVOF
Metallisation - MET-JET4L
Castolin Eutectic   CastoJet® Kerosene 5 - CJK5
The Metallizing Equipment Company Pvt. Ltd. (MEC) HIPOJET® 2700
HIJET® 9610
XPOJET® 5000
MJP-6000™ GUN
 Kermetico  HVAF

Convertable HVOF-HVAF

Multipurpose HVAF

 A Termika Ltd  Termika-3  


Some of the differences in design of these guns are illustrated in the diagrams below.

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Top Gun
JP 5000
JP 5000

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