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What is silver-loaded glass?


Silver loaded glass is a die attach system used principally to attach silicon devices in hermetic package applications. First reported in 1982, the die attach paste material is 81% solids by weight of Ag flake-loaded glass in a 19% by weight organic medium.

Since the die attach material is supplied as a paste, it can be applied using conventional methods for organic die attach materials: stamping or dot transfer, screen printing, extrusion, and positive displacement syringes. Following die attach, the material is dried for approximately 15 minutes at 75°C to evolve the majority of the solvent weight. Organic burn-out of the residual solvent in the paste material is accomplished between 350 and 400°C.

Two key properties of the silver glass system are its low modulus of elasticity and the inherent void-free nature of the material. These properties make the material more attractive than gold-silicon die attach for large die applications. The material also has high temperature durability which makes it more desirable for high power applications compared with polymer die attach materials.

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