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The benefits of using silver-loaded glass for die attachment


Some of the benefits of silver loaded glass compared with polymer die attach materials, gold-silicon eutectic scrub, or gold-tin solder include:

  1. No gold preform handling, cutting, placing or loss; no problems from impurities during storage
  2. Lower temperature die attach. Since silver glass can be processed as low as 350°C it can be used to process heat-sensitive die at temperatures lower than silicon/gold eutectic attachment. The silicon/gold eutectic is 363°C with processing generally occurring at temperatures in excess of 400°C
  3. No die scrubbing is necessary with die attach performed at room temperature
  4. The material is simple to use with no refrigeration required
  5. Better location of die; eliminating inaccuracies due to die scrub
  6. Insensitive to back-side die conditions (unlike silicon/gold eutectic, silver glass shear strengths are not affected by oxidation)
  7. No sacrifice in reliability
  8. High temperature durability
  9. Thermal stress and thermal resistance as good or better than silicon/gold

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