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What are the high temperature electronics packaging challenges?


The environment of high temperature (>200oC) applications (see 'What are high temperature electronics?') is challenging the capabilities of current device and packaging technologies.

Key issues which are showing the development of high temperature electronic systems are:

  • Difficulty in finding commercially available components designed to operate above 200oC for extended periods
  • Insufficient information on materials, interconnect and packaging systems capable of surviving high operating temperatures for long periods (>10,000 hours), which are compatible with and protect the electronics
  • Lack of knowledge on adequate testing processes and life assessment techniques.

Significant development work is required to establish device and packaging technologies that are best suited to high temperature environments (see 'Where are high temperature electronics used?'). 

There is a significant potential knowledge-resource on chemical- and heat-tolerant materials available to the sensors and electronics industry. This needs to be harnessed, together with an understanding of joining and assembly technology, if cost-effective products are to be produced.

TWI is currently actively involved in assessing and developing solutions to these challenges through a Joint Industry Project on High Temperature (250-400oC) Materials and Packaging for Electronics and Sensors and with Partners in an EU Cleansky project called HiTME.

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