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Where are high temperature electronics used?


Frequently Asked Questions

The aerospace, automotive, and petrochemical industries are increasingly interested in monitoring the performance of systems in harsh environments. In the aerospace industry, the global leaders are pursuing the More Electric Aircraft (MEA). By replacing conventional hydraulic systems with electric actuators and by integrating electrical systems into aero engines, significant weight savings and improved reliability can be achieved.

In the automotive and electric vehicle industries, the requirement to supply increasing numbers of electrical loads, combined with the drive for better performance and efficiency, will see an increasing use of power electronics.

In the petrochemical industry, sensors are required that can assess the environment around drilling equipment where temperatures can reach almost 300°C. High temperature electronics provide the ability to increase the reliability of down-hole data-acquisition devices and provide the opportunity for installation of permanent gauges during well completion.

Future high temperature projections are indicated in the table below.

ApplicationProjected temperature (°C)
Distributed engine networks
Electromechanical controls

Underhood (transmission control unit)
On-engine (engine control unit)
Wheel mount

Borehole logging


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