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UpSkill Project Update: May 2023

Tue, 23 May, 2023

The UpSkill project has been investigating a human-centric approach to digitalisation, supported by case studies from European manufacturing companies ranging from high technology to more artisanal businesses.

TWI and Lancaster University have been working together on the project under the banner of the Joining 4.0 Innovation Centre (J4IC), to develop solutions, both conventional and digital, in direct response to real problems.

Working closely with the other UpSkill project consortium members (from industry and academia) to achieve the project goals, the J4IC team have generated two reports to support the project so far.

These reports consist of an Industry 5.0 literature review and part A of a wider technology recommendation report that focuses on the needs of the project’s case study organisations.

Although these reports are currently on restricted circulation, the technologies recommended so far include milling, turning and inspection technologies as well as the implementation of a capable manufacturing execution system.

With this list of technologies being expected to grow, the J4IC is working on detailed technical proposals to enable the implementation of the selected solutions so far.

About J4IC

Launched in April 2017, the J4IC is a strategic partnership between Lancaster University and TWI with the aim of developing a comprehensive research capability focused on the digitalisation of joining and associated manufacturing technologies. You can find out more about the J4IC, HERE.

Find Out More About UpSkill

To learn more on this exciting project, please visit the dedicated website, HERE, and follow the LinkedIn channel, HERE.

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