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TWI Signs Agreement with Seabery Augmented Technology

Fri, 10 November, 2023

TWI is delighted to announce the signing of a strategic partnership agreement with Seabery Augmented Technology.

Seabery are designers of technological, educational and innovative vocational training solutions, including their Soldamatic technologies.

Soldamatic is a hyper-realistic, augmented reality welding training solution that is revolutionising welder training.

There is a need for more welders across industry and, by partnering with Seabery Augmented Technology, TWI hopes to be able to help address this need and promote the profession to a new generation.

Figure 1. TWI’s Director, Membership and Innovation, Tat-Hean Gan and Seabery’s Antonio Claveria sign the strategic agreement
Figure 1. TWI’s Director, Membership and Innovation, Tat-Hean Gan and Seabery’s Antonio Claveria sign the strategic agreement

We investigated a variety of welder training systems and found that Seabery’s solutions met the needs of industry to transform welding training. This investigation was undertaken during the WeldZero4.0 project, which was funded under the TWI Exploratory Programme.

Following this, TWI has now signed an agreement for our training curriculum to be used with Seabery’s augmented reality systems, while an agreement with the TWI Technology Centre in Singapore will also see the systems rolled out to South East Asia in early 2024.

As part of this strategic alliance, Seabery Augmented Technology have signed up as Industrial Members of TWI, allowing us to work closely together on further research and development.

Speaking on this partnership agreement, TWI Director of Membership and Innovation, Tat-Hean Gan said, “We are delighted to be working with Seabery to help address the shortage of welders across the globe and attract more young people to the welding profession.”

Abbas Mohimi, TWI’s Business Development Group Manager for Membership, Innovation and Global Operations said, “We are looking forward to working with the Seabery team,” adding, “The collaboration with TWI training will benefit both our Industrial and Professional Members.”

Speaking on the partnership, Seabery said, “We are proud to partner with TWI in our mission to transform and improve, through technology, the way the world learns, teaches and trains welding skills. With the ultimate goal to make a positive impact in the labour market attracting the young generation and bridge the gap in welders shortage, in industry to make training more efficient, and in the environment to reduce our impact and be a positive contributor.”

We look forward to working with Seabery Augmented Technology to help deliver modern welder training to a new generation to meet the needs of industry around the world.

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