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TWI Hellas in 2022: A Review of the Year in Achievements

Tue, 03 January, 2023

TWI Hellas welcomes in 2023 with enthusiasm and optimism, and looks forward to another year of collaboration and technology development!  While doing so, we also reflect on our activities in 2022, with gratitude and pride for what our team has accomplished.  The past year saw the achievement of a significant milestone on our journey towards innovative, technological applications in various industries, some of which we look back on below.

During 2022, TWI Hellas achieved the following and more:

  • Adding new, valuable members to our team, taking the total staff compliment to 21 people, while supporting the next generation of experts by incorporating five interns to help them grow professionally and hosting seven in-house consultants.
  • Participating in three new Horizon Europe collaborative projects: TUBERS, which aims to fight water leaks in the European water distribution system with scalable, modular, robotic tools for pipeline inspection and repair; GRINNER, an initiative that seeks to improve waste management through an AI-powered detection system of batteries using data from x-ray detectors and robots; and the PARSEC research that aspires to elevate parcel and letter security for postal express and courier flows.
  • Working on the new, RTDI State Aid Action, Enorasis project that targets the inspection of electric power substations, detecting and diagnosing faults, and facilitating prompt repair, leading to improved maintenance.
  • Offering our advanced robotics expertise to Solbotix, leading it to higher technical ground and rendering it a holistic option for the maintenance, repair and operations of photo voltaic (PV) panels in solar power plants.
  • Successfully completed two research projects, SleekShip focusing on spectral imaging-powered, ship hull biofouling detection and cleaning, and SocketSense, which worked on an advanced sensor-based socket system that enables comfortable socket manufacturing tailored to patients’ needs.

This year is already equally promising, with two new projects kickstarting in January: Pantheon, and February: Palpable.  In 2023, our TWI Hellas team will continue working and expanding to answer the needs of our research projects, and will always keep pushing the boundaries of innovation in science and technology to build a brilliant and innovative new year!

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