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TWI Expert Speaks at Armourers and Brasiers’ Alumni Evening

Thu, 09 February, 2023

This year’s Armourers and Brasiers’ Alumni Evening took place on 30 January 2023 at the Armourers’ Hall in London.

The event saw TWI project leader in friction welding and processing, Sam Holdsworth deliver a short speech covering TWI’s patented CoreFlow™ process, which focused on how changing the perspective on scientific failures or accidents can spark revolutionary inventions. Historical examples of this include the invention of Penicillin and the Post-it® note.

In this same vein, the CoreFlow™ process is derived from the wormhole defect which can occur during friction stir welding. It is the exploitation of this wormhole defect that allows for sub-surface channels to be manufactured in just a single step. The speech was highly praised and stimulated engaging conversations during the event.

Speaking on the event, Sam said, “I was honoured to attend this prestigious event and represent TWI with my speech on our current research and development. My fellow speakers gave greatly relevant and insightful talks which emphasised the importance of material science to our everyday lives. I look forward to revisiting the Armourers’ Hall again soon.”

Figure 1. Sam delivers his speech
Figure 1. Sam delivers his speech

The Welding Institute works alongside the Armourers and Brasiers’ Trust as part of the TWI Materials Science Partnership to support and champion excellence and endeavour in materials science and metallurgy education and research.

TWI was honoured to recently have ‘The Cutting Edge’ showpiece demonstrator on display within the Armourers’ Hall, showcasing the unique and state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies which TWI develops.

Figure 2. 'The Cutting Edge'
Figure 2. 'The Cutting Edge'

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