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New TWI Innovation Network Website Launched

Thu, 29 June, 2023

A new and updated website has launched for the TWI Innovation Network (TWIIN).

The new-look website has expanded in line with the growth of TWIIN over the past 3-4 years to reflect the complete range of what TWIIN has to offer to companies and organisations who wish to accelerate their business and technology development.

The new website features:

  • Upcoming events information that will offer networking opportunities as well as industrial and technical information
  • TWIIN training courses and grant funding activity information
  • Innovation Centre insights and links to industry-focused academia
  • Details on support on offer for your engineering technology R&D and grant-funded collaboration opportunities
  • Details of Technology Acceleration Programme SME members (TAPs) whose experience and background could benefit your own supply chain
  • Information on how TWIIN can benefit your organisation and the available subscription options

Designed to be more intuitive for users, the new website includes a granular menu and logical navigation routes to make it more accessible, along with an updated visual design and improved user interface to help you find what you want quickly.

You can visit the new TWIIN website by visiting the following link and find out how TWIIN can help enhance your business:

For more information please email: