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New TWI Innovation Network Platform goes into Orbit

Mon, 20 February, 2023

A deep understanding of the world of grant funding (also known as public funding) is key to achieving success in the engineering technology industry in Greece, the UK, Europe and further abroad. Yet, finding the right sources of knowledge, building a diverse research and business network and forming solid collaborative relationships are all challenging feats, but also necessary for the successful development of any product or service innovation.

This led to the TWI Innovation Network (TWIIN) envisioning an online platform, where TWI Industrial and Innovation Network Members can go to grasp public funding opportunities and explore collaborations to successfully form project proposals. TWIIN is, therefore, excited to announce the launch of the new platform Orbit’, which was designed with the aim of supporting TWI Industrial and Innovation Network Members from day one of their endeavours to win public funding.

The new online platform will replace the “Technology Acceleration Programmes (TAPs) Members Area” on the current TWIIN website, so all Members will be able to join Orbit, which offers a new, more interactive way to excel at competing for grant funding. Users from TWI Industrial and TWIIN Member companies can access Orbit through a simple log-in. There, they will have the privilege of being the first to learn about future funding possibilities in the field of technology and engineering. Additionally, they will be able to benefit from:

  • Curated content on funding calls, including those of Horizon Europe and Innovate UK, to get all the necessary information to will help them structure their ideas or concepts
  • Notice of forthcoming TWIIN events happening during the year
  • One-to-one consultations with TWI’s Technology Innovation Management (TIM) team to increase the chances of receiving public funding for their project proposals
  • Valuable support that can boost their business ventures
  • A dedicated online space for forming connections with a plethora of companies and organisations to find suitable consortium partners with complementary skills sets, experience and expertise through a much-needed discussion forum

Orbit is the best way to take full advantage of potential public funding opportunities. By creating a company/organisation profile, other TWI Industrial and Innovation Network Members will be able to find and contact you regarding new collaborations. However, the platform is not limited to the above member categories. Companies can also have non-Member Orbit accounts to stay up-to-date on collaborative bidding training courses and TWIIN events, while getting to know our membership network to understand how beneficial it can be to their business or academic plans.

To fully experience this new online platform, register your profile on Orbit and join our growing engineering community.

For more information please email: