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NDE in Nuclear Conference 2023 Taking Place 27-29 June

Mon, 19 June, 2023

Time is running out to register to attend the ‘Non-Destructive Examination (NDE) in Nuclear 2023’ conference.

The event, which is taking place in Sheffield, UK, from 27-29 June will feature two presentations from TWI consultants alongside a representative from the IVC.

TWI’s Channa Nageswaran will present on work completed alongside NSIRC student Xuening Zou. The presentation, ‘Machine Learning Techniques for Detecting and Sentencing Surface Breaking Cracks using Ultrasonic Data,’ will take place at 9:40 on 28 June.

This presentation will explore the use of machine learning to improve ultrasonic techniques for the detection of surface breaking cracks such as stress corrosion cracks and thermal fatigue cracking in nuclear power plants.

Meanwhile, also at 9:40 on 28 June, TWI’s Dr Miles Weston will be joined by IVC’s Stavros Avramidis to discuss ‘ENIQ based Inspection Qualification of Novel Techniques’ (including an FMC case study).

Our NDE Inspection Services (NIS) team are experienced with developing and deploying NDT inspection capabilities for the nuclear sector, undertaking a broad range of activities including:

- Provision of inspection vendor services within the UK Nuclear Sector, including development and deployment of qualified (ENIQ methodology) ultrasonic inspection procedures

- Qualification of NDT inspection procedures for use on UK nuclear plant through our Independent Qualification Body activities

- The development of generic and procedure specific training material

- Level 3 inspection services, audit and expert witness activities

- Support with regulatory and code compliance

- Provision of NDT inspection site services

- Extending the state-of-the-art of industry applicable inspection techniques via research and development activity

Email the ‘Contact Us’ address, below, to get in touch with the NIS team for help with your NDE needs.

Don’t delay to register for this event – you can find out more about it and register to attend, here.

For more information please email: