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Dragon’s Den-Styled Projects Showcase at CRP Symposium

Wed, 20 December, 2023

We are delighted to announce that the TWI Core Research Programme (CRP) has successfully showcased a number of 'Dragon’s Den' styled short-term projects at the CRP Annual Symposium, a flagship event for TWI Industrial Members, on Thursday, 7 December 2023. These innovative projects are the first of their kind to follow a five-month duration and address pressing industrial needs, showcasing the CRP’s potential to deliver agile solutions for our Members.

The showcased projects were selected through the Rapid Proposal Call (RPC), which launched earlier in 2023. It followed the Dragon's Den style format to evaluate the proposal ideas. Through this call, CRP has funded innovative ideas that require small scale investment to develop them further into a higher Technology Readiness Level (TRL). The call aimed to accelerate the development of technology for commercialisation and maximise benefits for TWI's Industrial Members.

TWI staff located in the UK and at TWI's subsidiaries across the globe participated in the proposal call. A total of 13 proposals were submitted by the project leaders (PLs) aligning topics with TWI’s technology strategy and the CRP technology roadmap.

Submitted proposals were later evaluated in two stages; proposal submission and assessment by CRP Directors, followed by a pitch session before a panel of peers, consisting of the Research Board, Technical Committee Members, TWI Staff and NSIRC PhD students. At the end of the evaluation, 6 projects were handpicked based on three factors; technical excellence, impact, and return on investment (ROI).

Projects selected from the RPC 2023:

The projects received funding of up to £50,000 over the duration of five months, starting from August through until December 2023. Project leaders developed posters showcasing the technical details, findings and results, and presented the outcomes to our Industrial Members during the poster exhibition at the CRP Symposium.

The RPC projects are in the final phase of writing the project end reports. These will be made available soon for our TWI Industrial Members on the TWI CRP website.

The results of the RCP projects will help TWI and its Members to tap into new technologies, leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to improve the decision-making process and enhance both accuracy and efficiency. Moreover, they will provide technical insights into adopting sustainable solutions, bring innovation to industry and facilitate the expansion of technology applications to other industrial areas.

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