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Welding and Repair of High Temperature Steels – Part 2

Tue, 11 January, 2022

The Welding Institute’s Welding and Joining Processes Technical Group will be hosting their first online event of this year on the 24 February, 1:30pm – 4:30pm (UK Time).

The event is titled, ‘Welding and Repair of High Temperature Steels – Part 2,’ and follows on from the part one event hosted by The Welding Institute last year. This second part will further explore the welding and repair of high temperature steels with new technical insights from a different panel of industry speakers and presentations. As it is a standalone event, you don’t have to have attended part one in order to attend this event.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone working in the power generation or process plant industries, either in manufacturing or those responsible for the maintenance and repair of pressure equipment. It will also be of particular interest to welding engineers and designers, covering developments in joining technologies and welding consumables, production of bespoke items in high temperature materials and the justification for the lowering of PWHT temperature for P/T91 steel.

Speakers and Presentations

Mark Golding, Director of Mark Golding Consultants – ‘Electro slag cladding – past, present and future’

Stephan Marre, Oil & Gas Processing / CPE Industry Segment Manager at Lincoln Electric – ‘The orbital welding of high pressure pipework’

Ronny Krein, Global Application Engineer at Voestalpine Bohler – ‘The challenges in developing welding consumables for creep resistant steels, particularly P/T91 and P/T9’

Emily Davison, Laser Additive Manufacturing Project Leader at TWI – ‘Advances in the additive manufacture of high temperature materials’

John Siefert Materials and Repair (P229) Programme Manager at EPRI – ‘The perspective on minimum post weld heat treatment temperature for grade 91 steel’


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