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Watch: Near Net Shape Manufacturing Webinar

Tue, 29 November, 2022

We recently held a webinar dedicated to the topic of near net shape powder metallurgy hot isostatic pressing (NMS PM HIP) for the manufacture of complex geometry parts.

The manufacture of high performance and complex geometry parts with a reduced buy-to-fly ratio is one of the key challenges currently faced by industry.

Traditional manufacturing methods, such as casting, forging and machining do not allow for the efficient flexibility in design and manufacture required for high value engineering parts. These traditional manufacturing methods also lead to increased costs as a result of material wastage and also typically possess a range of defects including porosity, elemental segregation, and anisotropy in the material microstructure and properties.

NMS PM HIP offers a valid alternative to these traditional methods, while guaranteeing the manufacture of complex parts with isotropic material properties.

During the webinar, TWI technology consultant, Dr Raja Khan CEng FIMMM and project leader, Alessandro Sergi discussed practical examples on the design strategies for the manufacture of near net shape parts using the MNS PM HIP technique.

The webinar, which saw 124 attendees from 29 nations, also offered details of the microstructural and mechanical properties of parts manufactured using this technique in order to demonstrate the industrial viability of this process.

Raja and Alessandro also discussed PM-based additive manufacturing processes during the webinar, which you can see below:

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