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TWI to Deliver Four Presentations at LÖT 2022 Conference

Wed, 08 June, 2022

Experts from TWI are due to present at the LÖT 2022 - 13th International Conference on Brazing, High Temperature Brazing and Diffusion Bonding.

Dr Nicholas Ludford, James Redman and Dr Kostas Georgilas will be presenting on four separate topics at LÖT 2022:

  • Effects of joint design and interlayers on ceramic-metal joints (21st June)
  • Development of a novel diffusion bonding technique for Al-alloys (22nd June)
  • Characterisation and performance of a novel high entropy alloy as a braze filler metal for vacuum brazing (22nd June)
  • Vacuum brazing of super duplex stainless steels and corrosion resistance (22nd June)

The conference, which is one of the world’s leading events in its field, is taking place in Aachen, Germany from 21-23 June 2022.

The event brings together engineers, scientists and technical personnel involved in the research, development and application of joining technologies.

Brazing, high temperature brazing and diffusion bonding are all complex technologies that have to be continuously developed, and there have been technical advances since the last conference took place as business processes are optimised and digitisation continued to progress.

In light of the latest developments, the conference aims to:

  • Present technical solutions for modern applications
  • Transfer scientific results into operational practice
  • Offer information about the latest trends and technological developments
  • Present fields of application for new materials
  • Establish or intensify contacts between users and researchers

Nicholas, James and Kostas’ participation in the conference shows TWI’s continuing position at the forefront of engineering development and you can find out more and register for LÖT 2022 here.

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