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TWI Named Among Top 100 Businesses in Cambridgeshire

Tue, 11 January, 2022

TWI is a global company with employees and offices around the world, but we also understand the importance of engagement with local communities.

As such, we are pleased to announce that TWI has been named among the Top 100 largest businesses led from Cambridgeshire, UK, where our headquarters are based.

The annual ‘Cambridgeshire Limited’ list, now in its eighth year, is created by financial analysts Grant Thornton, based on turnover.

This unique insight into the performance of the Cambridgeshire business community ranked TWI at number 25 and, for the first time, investigated profitability, ranking TWI as the fifth most profitable business in the region.

This achievement is particularly welcome at this time, considering the impact of the Covid pandemic on business globally, and shows how TWI has managed to successfully navigate these uncertain times to continue supporting our Members.

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