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Tianjin University Workshop to present GeoSmart Findings

Mon, 28 November, 2022

Findings from the GeoSmart project are due to presented at a workshop held by Tianjin University in China on 29 November 2022.

Mechanical engineer, Professor Dr Páll Valdimarsson will present at the workshop, which is due to start at 08:00 GMT/Iceland/UK, 09:00 in Central Europe, 11:00 in Turkey or 16:00 in China.

Professor Dr Valdimarsson will present on the topic of ‘Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) in Geothermal Power Plants.’

Geothermal resources capable of producing electricity are often divided into ‘High Enthalpy’ and ‘Medium Enthalpy’ resources and this talk will briefly discuss both, along with the technologies used for their exploitation.

This will be followed by a discussion of ‘binary power plants,’ also known as the ‘organic rankine cycle (ORC),’ which are deemed the best alternative for geothermal power production. The ORC cycle will be investigated along the most common types of ORC plant and the influence of the presence of ‘non-condensable gas (NCG)’ and steam in geothermal source fluids. Finally, the interesting area of small ORC plants for geothermal applications will be discussed alongside the limitations of the present technology.


The GeoSmart project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme grant agreement 818576

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