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Rabeea Mughees: Marketing TWI from Pakistan

Fri, 20 May, 2022

Having joined in March 2022, Rabeea Mughees is the newest member of TWI’s global marketing team.

Working from TWI Pakistan’s Lahore offices, Rabeea is already demonstrating her skills as she provides marketing support services to TWI Training in the UK.

Rabeea took some time to speak to us about life at TWI Pakistan, her love for marketing, and how she is learning on the job with TWI to improve her skills and grow her career…

Hi Rabeea, can you start by telling us a little bit about yourself and how you came to join TWI?

Hi, I am Rabeea Mughees and I recently joined TWI as global marketing executive. I did my Bachelors in Industrial Design from NUST H-12, Pakistan, and then proceeded with a MS Management degree from IBA Karachi, Pakistan.

While I was in the process of my studies, I realised my passion for brainstorming, idea generation, strategy and creativity. This led me to the field of marketing and, having taken a couple of courses in the field, I had the basics laid out.

I started freelancing in the early stages of my BS degree and, after my MS, I started working full-time for Shahid Afridi Foundation’s Karachi head office for a while, before moving back to my home town. While applying to a couple of other companies, I came across TWI and jumped on the opportunity to learn more!

Why did you choose to apply to work at TWI – and why in marketing?

I applied to multiple companies and had a few work trials, but with TWI, it was great! The organisation is not only internationally renowned, it was promised to provide me with the learning and skill-set that would increase my own career development progression.

Now that everything is seen and heard on the internet, marketing plays a major part in the modern world; presenting what TWI delivers to the world through our digital platforms – so that we can be known and reach a growing network of people.

Hence, my decision to work in the marketing sector!

What sort of activities have you been involved in so far?

Taking from my previous jobs and my freelance experience, I have been mainly working with digital designing and marketing so far. It is more about learning about the business, exploring major work that we are involved with, and creating website content, in addition to helping with what goes out on our training school social media – using platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, etc., to reach our audience with the right message. Of course, as the nature of the organisation differs, so does the type of digital marketing, target audience and platforms that we use too. But, so far, it has been exciting to do all these activities!

You are working from TWI Pakistan, but supporting staff in the UK – how have you found this, is it difficult, considering the distance?

I am working as a part of TWI from the Pakistan Head Office in support of the UK based staff, but it has been a great experience. In this short amount of time, I feel like I have already learnt so much. The staff in Pakistan and UK are both really cooperative and always ready to help whenever I feel stuck. The UK based staff, although at a distance, are always available online and we communicate and discuss any problem that is encountered in a real easy way.

How about the offices at TWI Pakistan, what is it like working there?

The TWI Pakistan office that I work from in Lahore is a great environment developed for work. I have got my small cubicle in a shared area with the other staff. We have a coffee area and a really nice, small but comfortable dining space. If any problem is encountered our human resources and I.T. people are always there to help. There is also a supermarket downstairs, so we can go get anything to eat for lunch!

We would like to wish you all the best as you continue to grow your career at TWI but, before we go, what would you say to anyone who is thinking of working for TWI Pakistan?

I think that anyone who wants to work in a professional and creative environment should apply to TWI Pakistan. Here we have an air of inclusivity and so much hope for gaining great experiences that would last a lifetime!


UK-based marketing team leader, Thomas Clover, who is supervising Rabeea as she settles in at TWI Pakistan, said, “TWI is well known for delivering the next generation of engineers and industry experts, but we are also proud to support and help the careers of other young professionals across the company. It is a pleasure to be able to pass on our marketing experience to new employees, like Rabeea and our apprentices, and to help them grow their knowledge and skills as they provide important support for the company as a whole.”

We would like to welcome Rabeea to TWI and wish her all the best as she grows her career with us.

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