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Polymers, Composites and the Future of Materials Use

Tue, 30 August, 2022

Polymers and composites are challenging the dominance of traditional materials for a range of applications and industries.

With low weight, good chemical resistance and improved design flexibility, these materials provide solutions to challenges faced by industries including aerospace, automotive, energy, oil and gas, and sports and leisure industries, among others.

Despite this, there remains a lack of knowledge about these new and disruptive materials, how to select them for different applications, and how to design joints between themselves and to other materials.

The Welding Institute is holding a Technical Group meeting to deliver an introduction to the materials applications and challenges related to composites as well as future opportunities for using these materials on 27 September 2022.

Chris Worrall
Chris Worrall

TWI’s advanced composites and adhesives consultant, Chris Worrall will be joined at the online event by Vestas’ assistant lead materials engineer David Williams, R-Tech Materials’ director of materials testing Geraint Havard, and deputy team leader for bodywork and crash structures at McLaren Racing, Nick Brown.

The Welding Institute Technical Groups

The aim of the Polymers and Composites Technical Group is to keep its members up-to-date with new developments in the areas of joining polymers and composites, testing and inspection of joints, assessment of fitness-for-purpose of polymer/composite structures, and national/international standards relating to these areas across a wide range of industries, from medical to oil and gas.

The group also serves to inform its members of the considerable challenges still facing the wider adoption of polymer and composite materials and the opportunities these create for those starting, or developing, a career in polymers and composites.

This Polymers and Composites Technical Group event, ‘An Introduction to Composites – Materials, Applications and Challenges,’ is open to TWI Industrial Members and non-Members as well as Professional Members of The Welding Institute.

You can find out more about this informative online event and register to attend, here.


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