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Pinweld Webinar: A Revolutionary New Plastic Welding Process

Mon, 30 May, 2022

TWI recently held an online event dedicated to Pinweld’s new and revolutionary plastic welding process.

Pinweld’s technical director, Keven Chappell was joined by TWI principal project leader, Scott Andrews for the webinar, which you can see below.

We have been working alongside Pinweld to deliver innovative solutions for fast and repeatable plastic pipe joining and repair.

The Pinweld process uses a compact, lightweight, self-regulating, low energy tool to join plastic components without the need for bulky equipment and expensive heating mechanisms.

The weld is completed with a minimally invasive technique that precisely heats the interface between two plastic components, providing solutions for industries including oil and gas, chemical processing, nuclear, hydrogen, power, and more.  

Scott and Keven’s webinar presented the latest developments for the process, as well as providing an informative overview of Pinweld:

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