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New TWI Crystal Software Development Kit Launched

Wed, 16 November, 2022

The latest version of the TWI CrystalSDK (Software Development Kit) is now available.

The TWI CrystalSDK allows for software developers to take advantage of the advanced algorithms behind the TWI CrystalTM software – a technology built on for over a decade. Developers can build into their own projects with minimal effort, linking to a range of hardware and robotic systems and data visualisation tools.

Acquisition modes such as Full Matrix Capture (FMC), Plane Wave Imaging (PWI) and Virtual Source Aperture (VSA) are fully supported, as well as multi-mode imaging, volumetric merging and a host of data analysis and data interpretation tools. Recent additions include support for Kuka and Universal Robotic hardware and additional sensor inputs including ultrasonic, tap testing, X-ray, ground penetrating and 3D camera tracking systems. Build complex solutions with only a few lines of code, completely customisable and configurable.

Please contact for further information or to see if you are eligible for a free 90 day trial of our TWI Crystal commercial application, which is built on the TWI Crystal SDK.

For more information please email: