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New Online Presence for TWI’s Core Research Programme

Wed, 29 June, 2022

Visitors looking for TWI’s Core Research Programme (CRP) on the organisation’s global website:, can now expect to find it more efficiently and intuitively, following a major project to redevelop and reposition the CRP area for the online environment.

The CRP comprises a rolling schedule of projects across engineering, materials and manufacturing, that address the most significant challenges faced by TWI and its Industrial Member companies, in relation to specific technology areas and/or industry sectors that have been identified as being of critical interest to future operations. The CRP also serves to expand on TWI and Industrial Members’ existing knowledge, harnessing innovative thinking and approaches to develop new skills, products and services, systems and processes, leading to reduced costs, and improved quality, safety and reliability.  TWI Industrial Member companies contribute 50% of their annual subscription fee to the CRP, and have access to proprietary research and development that is not available to wider industry.  

Starting with an in-depth review and audit of the existing CRP web presence, the project continued with a scoping exercise to identify the new content required, and webpage mapping to arrive at the optimum structure for representing it to website users. This then informed the detailed timeline for delivery, and enabled the content creation and technical website development activities to commence.

The aims of the exercise were to:

  • Make the CRP easier to find online, both for TWI website users and through search engines
  • Improve the customer journey so people can progress through the CRP webpages more logically
  • Present the different forms of CRP outputs, such as TWI Industrial Member Reports, Executive Summaries and Report Abstracts, with more clarity and incorporate additional list ‘sorting’ options
  • Expand the breadth of CRP content to provide a more comprehensive explanation of the programme, for example, with the inclusion of a ‘CRP Governance’ section
  • Give the CRP greater visibility by positioning it at a higher level within the TWI website’s menu structure

Finally, the new CRP website area was user tested prior to launch. 

Tat-Hean Gan, Director of Innovation and Skills for TWI who, with the TWI Director for Research, is jointly responsible for leading the CRP within TWI, said “I am confident that our Industrial Members will find the CRP’s online offering greatly improved, and that this renewed focus for the CRP on TWI’s website will help to raise the profile of the programme, strengthen its position within industry, and cascade the benefits of CRP out to existing and potential TWI Industrial Members more effectively.”

Visit the Core Research Programme homepage to experience the new CRP area on the TWI website.

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