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New High Pressure/Temperature Environmental Testing Lab Open

Mon, 04 April, 2022

TWI is pleased to announce that our newly built high pressure, high temperature (HPHT) environmental testing laboratory is now open and ready for use.

The equipment was originally built to assess the resistance of corrosion resistant alloys to sulphide stress cracking in high-chloride solutions; however it can be used to test a range of different materials in various operating environments.

The laboratory includes five servo-electric load frames (40kN) with Hastelloy C276 vessels rated to 350 Bar; digital mass flow controllers on the inlets to each vessel; uninterruptable power supplies attached to each booth; and steam condensers on vessel outlets.

The new lab is capable of running a range of HPHT environmental tests, including slow strain rate tensile testing (including long cross-weld specimens); C(T) fracture toughness testing with DCPD; corrosion-fatigue (FCGR) testing; KiEAC tests, and more.

With applications ideal for those working in the oil and gas industry, the laboratory also has uses available for the wider power generation industry, including nuclear power.

The laboratory, which is based at TWI Cambridge, is now available for use on projects for our Industrial Members.

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