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Microjoining and Non-Destructive Testing for Medical Devices

Fri, 17 June, 2022

We held a webinar dedicated to the subject of microjoining and non-destructive testing for medical devices on 6 April 2022.

The medical sector has increasingly used microjoining processes and technologies to precisely bond devices or implants. As the technology has evolved it has been used for an increasing number of applications, which have created new challenges for manufacture. Non-destructive testing (NDT) can help solve many of these challenges, using a variety of techniques and associated changes to design to ensure product reliability.

Helping to improve manufacturing cost, efficiency and safety while meeting technological compliance, TWI has worked with the medical sector on everything from standards and design to materials challenges and joining solutions for a range of medical products including orthopaedics, diagnostics, active implantable devices, reusable and single use healthcare support devices, surgical instruments, and drug delivery products.

This webinar, which was co-presented by TWI’s Dr Abbasi Gandhi, Alan Clarke and Dorothee Panggabean, used case studies to highlight a series of microjoining challenges and demonstrate how NDT can be used to respond with a solution.

You can see a recording of the webinar, below:

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