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Love Hearts and Computed Tomography for Valentine’s Day

Mon, 14 February, 2022

Love was in the air at TWI this Valentines Day as our X-ray computed tomography (CT) experts decided to test out their equipment on a heart made of wood.

Demonstrating the capabilities of our CT scanning and inspection services, the scans showed the high resolution 3D image quality that can be achieved.

Of course, our CT team usually provide support to our Industrial Members to check the integrity and otherwise hidden internal structure of a range of engineering materials and components. Evaluations include locating delaminations and assessing fibre weaves in composites; finding voids, cracks or lack of fusion in both welds and additively manufactured parts, and ensuring manufactured components conform to specification.

You can also see a short video stepping through the CT data cross-sections, revealing the wood fibres, below:


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