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Join New Project for Hydrogen Transport via Composite Pipes

Wed, 23 February, 2022

TWI is launching a new joint industry project (JIP) to investigate the transportation of hydrogen through thermoset composite pipes.

Hydrogen is a key element in the future global energy supply as the world is moving fast towards renewable energy sources. There is a need to develop suitable infrastructure to ensure safe and efficient transportation of hydrogen across large distances.

Large diameter pipes will be a part of this infrastructure. The project, ‘Recommended Practise for Use of Reinforced Thermoset Composite Pipes in Hydrogen Environment,’ will focus on the evaluation of large diameter thermoset composite pipes and aim to provide the industry with recommended practises for utilising existing and new thermoset composite pipes and connectors.

Aims and Benefits

The aim of the project is: “Understand the performance of thermoset pipes and connectors in Hydrogen environment and bring industry closer to a common set of rules and practises for developing and qualifying such products”.

The value to Sponsors is:

  • Cost effective address of common issues related to standardisation and qualification of thermoset pipes and connectors for hydrogen
  • Sharing a database dedicated to thermoset material properties in hydrogen
  • Shaping a future standard for the qualification of thermoset composite assets utilised in the hydrogen economy

Project Concept and Work Programme

The project will use the composite pipe permeation rig developed by TWI with the support of NIC, capable of simultaneously measuring permeation of various molecular species through composite pipes, their connectors, and the end effectors/caps in a single test. The project will be broken down into a series of work packages (WP):

  • WP1: Material data survey and assessment
  • WP2: Selected testing at coupon level to fill any gaps in our knowledge of thermoset performance
  • WP3: Testing of pipes and connectors using the NIC permeation rig
  • WP4: Recommended practise for thermoset composite pipes transporting hydrogen

Join this Joint Industry Project:

We are holding a virtual event for you to find out more about this project on 14 April 2022 between 10am and 12pm (UK time).

If you want to find out more about the project and register to attend the event, please email TWI business development manager, Dr. Farshad Salamat-Zadeh at:

For more information please email: