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Jhonattan Joins TWI’s EHLA Fellowship Team

Thu, 13 January, 2022

We would like to introduce Jhonattan Gutjahr, who has recently joined as a new member of the EHLA UKRI Fellowship Team within the Laser Additive Manufacturing Section, where he will be working on the extreme high-speed laser application (EHLA) technology.

Jhonattan Gutjahr is set to obtain his doctorate this year in Mechanical Engineering from the Precision Engineering Laboratory (LMP-Laser) at the Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (Brazil), with a focus on metal powder reuse for the directed energy deposition - laser beam (DED-LB), assessing powder degradation and the respective influences on the additive manufacturing (AM) process and resultant component behaviour.

Before his PhD, Jhonattan obtained his M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering at the Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, having graduated in Industrial Mechatronics at Instituto Federal de Santa Catarina, with a focus on high-power laser machine design and processing.

During Jhonattan’s career, he has developed expertise in laser machine design and laser processing, including DED-LB for AM, powder characterisation techniques and characterisation of AM material. During this period, Jhonattan has developed a strong relationship with industries in Brazil, focusing on developing robust industrial solutions in the laser processing field.

In his role at TWI, Jhonattan will be responsible for improving the readiness of EHLA for industrial implementation, working on process standardisation and reliability through the implementation of machine calibration and monitoring techniques.

Welcome to TWI, Jhonattan!

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