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Investigating the Microstructure of AM Components

Mon, 06 June, 2022

Joe Grimwood, senior project leader in our materials performance and characterisation section, hosted a webinar related to nickel alloy additive manufacturing (AM) on 27 April 2022.

The one-hour webinar, ‘Nickel Alloy Additive Manufacturing: Characterisation and Metallurgy of Alloy 718,’ gave an overview of key characterisation techniques that are used to investigate the microstructure of AM components.

Joe used case studies with a specific focus on work performed on alloy 718 as real life examples, with applications for aerospace and oil and gas being discussed. He also investigated the effect of heat treatment on AM materials compared with the effects on conventional wrought materials.

AM is a rapidly growing technology that allows for the creation of near net shape components, offering potential for the fabrication of bespoke components for improved performance or repair. However, the performance of these parts is dependent on the microstructure, which is, in turn, reliant on the thermos-mechanical history.

A greater knowledge and control of the microstructure, and its effects on properties, is therefore vital to allow for further uptake across industry.

You can see a recording of Joe’s presentation, below:

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